Playing Card Facts & Trivia

Test your knowledge of a standard deck of cards for card games

How many face cards are in a standard deck?
12. The King, Queen, and Jack of each suit are counted. Aces don’t count as face cards.

How many one-eyed Jacks are there in a deck?
2. The Jack of Spades and Jack of Hearts are both facing sideways, and are nicknamed one-eyed jacks since only one eye is visible.

If I were talking about a Suicide King, which king am I referring to?
King of Hearts. The King of Hearts is depicted with a sword by his head that makes it look like he’s stabbing himself in the head with it, hence the nickname.

Which is the only Queen in the deck that faces to the right?
Queen of Spades.

What is unique about the King of Diamonds?
He is holding an axe and facing sideways.

Which of the face cards are the only ones whose hair is colored?
Jacks. The Jacks have yellow hair, while the other two suits have white hair.

What is unique about the Jack of Clubs?
It is the only Jack with a feather in its cap.

Here’s a tricky one for you. How many eyes on face cards are in a standard 52 card deck?
42. All face cards have two eyes, save the Jacks of Spades & Hearts, and the King of Diamonds. 2 X 12 = 24 then, 24 – 3 = 21. Each card has two faces, so 21 X 2 = 42.

Which King has both hands showing?
King of Hearts. He has one on his sword, and one on his stomach.

Which King is the only king without a mustache?
King of Hearts.

What name did Jacks previously go by?
Knave. As the card abbreviation for knave (Kn) was so close to that of the king, it was very easy to confuse them and therefore changed in 1864.

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